Looking back on 2014!

We are so proud of our accomplishments in 2014 at Sweet Paws Rescue! Here are our 2014 stats, as well as some of our favorite rescue stories.

  • 600 dogs saved in 2014, 143 were momma dogs and their litters. (Over 2,000 dogs have been rescued since our start in 2011!)
  • 50 free spay/neuter surgeries above and beyond our normal rescue dogs.
  • 3 orthopedic/amputation surgeries.
  • Over 12,000 Facebook followers!
  • Over $5,000 raised from SPR gear since we opened our online shop.

Barkley and Nestle: Two local rescues from Maine, father & son labs who lived outside their entire lives and were dumped at a shelter in what was supposed to be their golden years. Sweet Paws stepped in, got them adopted together in Ipswich, MA and the boys found love. Barkley recently passed away but certainly knew compassion and warmth in his final days.

Gator: An elderly dog and local rescue from Peabody, he belonged to someone who did not care for him. Frequently picked up by Peabody Animal Control in worse condition than ever, the owner surrendered him. The Animal Control Officer contacted us and is know living a happy and healthy live in his new loving home.

Zeke & Moose: Two local pitbulls. When Moose's Owner went to jail, he didn't no what to do with his dog. So he made a terrible choice and left him on the side of the road locked in a crate in a New England snowstorm. Luckily a Sweet Paws partner spotted him and saved Moose. Zeke was a stray in Saugus picked up by the Animal Control Officer who was going to have to euthanize him until Sweet Paws stepped in and is currently working to find him a new home.

Sadie & Slade: Two black labs who could no longer get the care they deserved, they were taken on by Sweet Paws to be rehomed. It was later discovered that Sadie had a severe ACL issue from an old injury that required extensive surgery. SPR raised funds and now they can both focus on being goofy, typical labs in their new homes!