Dog Adoption Process
and Information



Sweet Paws Rescue (SPR) does not operate the way a conventional shelter does. Our mission is to make the best match for both the dog/puppy and their potential adopter.  Once an on-line application is submitted you will be contacted by an SPR team member via email to discuss the dog for whom you are applying.

SPR offers a very unique adoption process called Foster2Adopt. Because most of our dogs are in foster homes  in the South, it makes it very difficult to meet the dog prior to adoption. This type of “sight unseen” adoption is very common in “shelterless rescue”. How we are different from other rescues/shelters is that we allow our dogs/puppies to go into a home for up to 2 weeks to assure the right placement. We do require the payment of the adoption fee at time of pick-up, but will refund it during the first two weeks (minus $100 processing fee) if the adoption does not work out and the dog needs to be returned. There are times when we have dogs fostered in Massachusetts, these dogs are available to meet prior to adoption. We treat EVERY SINGLE ADOPTION as Foster2Adopt. SPR is committed to placing dogs with their forever family.

Once your application has been processed by an adoption coordinator and you have been approved, we will work with you to find the perfect dog/puppy for your family. After you have chosen your dog, we will introduce you to their foster, who can tell you a little bit about their personality/temperament and answer any questions you have.

Some of the dogs have not arrived in Massachusetts yet. If this is the case, a dog may be able to get on the transport within a couple of weeks.  In certain circumstances, depending on the health and age of the dog, the time may be longer. Your adoption coordinator will discuss the potential transport date and will let know when and where to pick-up your new family member. Please be aware that things can happen quickly and your dog may come up sooner or later than originally expected. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any specific questions please contact us here!

Adoption Fee: $485

The adoption fee includes:

  • Age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP/DA2PP: Distemper/Hepatitis /Parainfluenza/Parvo vaccine)
  • Bordetella/kennel cough vaccine (only administered if dog has been transported from out of state, local surrenders do not receive this vaccine)
  • Rabies certificate and tag for puppies 12 weeks and older
  • Parasite prevention treatments (de-worming & fecal tests)
  • Spaying/Neutering  (If dog is not altered upon arrival, SPR will arrange an appointment at one of our participating veterinarians)
  • Heartworm testing for adult dogs
  • Multiple general exam visits
  • Health certificate required for transport
  • 1 month heartworm preventative (completed at time of transport)
  • 1 month flea/tick topical preventative (completed at time of transport)
  • Transport to Massachusetts
  • 48 hour quarantine in a MA USDA approved ISO facility
  • Recheck by MA Veterinarian post ISO

And may also cover the following including, but not limited to:

  • Boarding
  • Any required medications
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Skin scrape & treatment
  • Limb amputation
  • Visit(s) with a specialist (ex optometrist)
  • Visit(s) with trainer