Our Mission: Sweet Paws Rescue rescues and rehomes dogs from Mississippi, Alabama and Massachusetts and works to improve legislation and awareness of dog rescue in these areas.

Sweet Paws Rescue is a Massachusetts registered non-profit 501(c)(3) “shelter less” dog rescue that was founded by Cynthia Sweet in 2011.  The rescue is run by Cynthia and a team of amazing fosters & volunteers all across New England.  SPR also teams up with a close network of seasoned and reputable rescue women in Alabama & Mississippi to help provide aid due to an overpopulation problem in the South.  In return, this network of women works diligently to create awareness, educate the next generation & reform legislation. Cynthia’s life as a rescuer began during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when she traveled to New Orleans to help in the massive volunteer efforts to rescue lost & abandoned animals. As she became more involved in rescue, Cynthia developed a strong partnership with Alabama & Mississippi rescuers, and applied & received non-profit status in 2011. To date, with massive amounts of coordinating & collaborating and endless hours of dedication from the rescuers, fosters, transporters, volunteers and donors SPR has rescued over 3,500 dogs. “Sweet Paws could not do what it does without the courage of the people on the front line in Alabama & Mississippi and throughout the entire south who see the horrors of the dog overpopulation first hand: the abuse, neglect, abandonment and literally stray dogs everywhere. Humans domesticated dogs and we have let them down horribly therefore it is our responsibility to help the helpless and get control of the overpopulation problem in the United States through legislation, education and compassion.”