About SPR


Our Mission

Sweet Paws Rescue (SPR) is a registered non-profit animal rescue based in Massachusetts. We are a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, shelterless, foster-based and volunteer-powered organization. We primarily work within two of the poorest counties in Mississippi and Alabama and since 2011, we have rescued over 7000 puppies, dogs and cats that would not have a chance at life otherwise. We are also a New England resource for the abandoned and displaced, and animals seized in cruelty cases within our home state.

SPR is unique in that our rescue efforts start when our southern team physically rescues an injured, sick or abandoned animal. This differs from other rescue organizations that may only represent one facet of the animal rescue process. We don't have the luxury of cherry picking our rescues and we become financially responsible for that being from ground zero, through medical treatment, transport, (state mandated) quarantine, the adoption process, and right into their forever home. In addition to providing the love, food, and basic veterinary care our animals need to thrive, we are providing Heartworm treatment to many of our adult dogs, and sometimes even life sustaining surgeries and emergency care. Our adoption fees only offset the costs associated with each life we save.

For an emerging organization, we rescue and home as many animals as other larger local brick and mortar organizations that have paid staff and endowments. As we work towards 1,800 additional adoptions this year, our vision is to be a Northeast destination for dog and cat adoptions and human-animal bond programing by using our experience and team of talent to change the national landscape of animal welfare, while continuing to advocate and rescue animals in under-resourced areas of the country.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Sweet Paws Family, please visit our volunteer page. Our FAQ’S page is rich in information too. And if you would like to host an event to benefit SPR and our ongoing rescue efforts, please send an email to info@sweetpawsrescue.org