Dog Adoption Process
and Information



We have a very high adoption success rate at Sweet Paws Rescue (SPR) because our process of matching pups with their humans is an effective one. Whether you have fallen in love already, or looking for our matchmaking assistance, we are your partner throughout this adoption process. 

THE APPROVAL: If you would like to adopt, the first step is the submission of our online application. Once submitted, you will be connected to an adoption coordinator to start the approval process. The time frame from application to approval typically ranges between 48 to 96 hours depending on your responsiveness along with your references. Please do not submit an application until you are ready to bring a pup into your home. In addition to reviewing your application and providing you with a personalized process to match you with a pup, we talk to your references including your veterinarian, and have a brief home visit, virtually or in person, to ensure your house is a safe and happy home!

THE ADOPTION: SPR has a unique Foster2Adopt™ program for all our adoptions. Though we are confident in our matchmaking skills and your commitment, should your adoption not be a good fit, you may return that pup back to us within the first two weeks. We do not operate like a traditional animal shelter and there are three ways to adopt from us:

  • The first is to adopt a puppy or dog before it transports north. After working closely with your adoption coordinator to match you with a pup if you don’t have one in mind already, prospective adopters first “meet” their pup through photos and conversation with our southern team. Once adopted, transported, and quarantined with us in Massachusetts, you will be scheduled to pick up your new family member in our facility in Groveland Massachusetts.

  • The second is to meet, and then adopt, one of our dogs already in Massachusetts and living in one of our foster homes.

  • Thirdly, we host "meet & greet" adoption events monthly at various locations throughout the north shore. Approved adopters may meet and then take their new pup home from that event.

As an adopter, you are an extension of the rescue process. Too many dogs end up in shelters or back in rescue because their humans were not prepared for the commitment and responsibility of a dog. Before filling out an application, please evaluate your ability to train, exercise, and care for this dog (financially and otherwise), for the span of its lifetime. Their life depends on it!

Please read our FAQ’s page for more adoption details or if you have additional questions, please contact us here!

Adoption Fee: $525 for puppies and adolescents up to 18 months / $485 for dogs over 18 months which includes:

  • Age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP/DA2PP: Distemper/Hepatitis /Parainfluenza/Parvo vaccine)

  • Bordetella/kennel cough vaccine (only administered if dog has been transported from out of state, local surrenders do not receive this vaccine)

  • Rabies certificate and tag for puppies 12 weeks and older

  • Parasite prevention treatments

  • Spay or Neuter (If dog is not altered upon arrival, SPR will arrange an appointment at one of our participating veterinarians at our expense)

  • Heartworm testing for adult dogs

  • Any necessary skin scraping and treatment

  • General wellness exam visits

  • Health certificate required for transport

  • 1 month heartworm preventative (completed at time of transport)

  • 1 month flea/tick topical preventative (completed at time of transport)

  • Transport to Massachusetts

  • 48 hour quarantine in a MA USDA approved ISO facility

  • Wellness Check by our Veterinarian prior to being released from our ISO facility

In addition to providing the love, food, and basic veterinary care our animals need to thrive, we are also providing Heartworm treatment to many of our adult dogs, behavioral evaluations when necessary, any required medications, and sometimes even life sustaining surgeries and emergency care.