Adoption Resources

You are an extension of the rescue process. Too many dogs end up in shelters or back in rescue because their humans were not prepared for the commitment and responsibility of a dog. Before filling out an application, please evaluate your ability to train, exercise, and care for this dog (financially and otherwise), for the span of its lifetime. Their life depends on it.

As an organization, we only advocate positive reinforcement training and do not advocate the use of “balanced” or “adverse consequence” training, including devices such as e-collars, pinch and choke collars, and similar. If you have gone the route with positive reinforcement training, and are having ongoing issues, please circle back to SPR so we can redirect you to a behaviorist or training specialist. If you don’t see a referral in Recommended Dog Trainers and Behaviorists, let us know and we will find you options! 

Below are many adoption resources on training, transition, and best practices for safety and wellness to get you and your new pup off to a great start!

Stop the 77

Prepping For Your New Pup!

Two Week Shutdown

Introducing Dogs to Children

Safety At The Park!

Doggie Language

Introducing New Dogs to Resident Dogs

Crate Training 101

Why Should I Train My Dog?

Puppy Housetraining

Adult Housetraining

Recommended Dog Trainers and Behaviorists


Common Parasites in Dogs

Cat Adoption Handout